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Tasty edible mushrooms are a welcome addition to the menu for many people. They can not only be harvested in the forest or bought in the supermarket, but also at home a small mushroom garden can be created with little financial means and little effort, which provides aromatic harvests all year round.

Although mushroom cultivation is generally considered to be not very easy, the cultivation of some tasty mushroom species such as shiitake, oyster mushroom, etc. is possible at home without any problems, once the life cycle of the mushrooms is understood, the favourable growing conditions are known and some working rules are observed.

The author shows in a practical and easily understandable way the complete cycle in mushroom cultivation, from the planting of a pure culture to the production of mushroom spawn, the inoculation of the various substrates and the development and harvesting of the desired fruiting bodies. It also describes which fungal species thrive on which substrates both indoors and outdoors and how favourable conditions for lush growth can be created. With portraits of the best edible mushrooms suitable for growing at home, and the experience report of a mushroom self-supporter who gives ideas for your own small mushroom garden.

Sylvia Hutter

Dr. Sylvia Hutter is a biologist and in her spare time a dedicated permaculture garde- ner. When she began her doctoral thesis on forest mushroom communities in 2007, she found more and more also further aspects of mushrooms interesting, such as the own cultivation of mushrooms and their use as a remedy. In the meantime she is a cer- tified mushroom expert and passes on her knowledge on guided hikes and in courses.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger