Shinto Meditations for Revering the Earth


New Age / Esoterics

Stuart D. B. Picken


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128 pages
5.5 x 7"

Complementing Buddhism, Shinto is Japan’s 2,000-year-old worship tradition that celebrates the relationship of humans to the natural world. This modern-day collection of Shinto-inspired devotions shows the reader how to commune directly with Great Nature for health, wisdom, and serenity.

Structured litanies address mountains, waterfalls, rocks, trees, etc. Includes instructions for performing authentic “waterfall purification” and a section on experiencing Shinto in North America.

Stuart D. B. Picken

Ordained a minister in the Church of Scotland, Stuart Picken taught religion and philosophy in Japan since 1972 and served as international adviser to the High Priest of the Tsubaki Grand Shrine, Mie Pref. His books include Shinto: Japan's Spiritual Roots and Essentials of Shinto.
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Agence Schweiger