Sensitivity meets work life





Nicole Lindner


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240 Pages
13.0 x 21 x 1.8 cm

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How you can reconcile your job and your temperament

This guide describes in a pleasantly entertaining way the typical problems and challenges that many sensitive people face in professional life. At the same time, possible solutions and many practical everyday tips are shown on how to find the right balance between sensitivity and the demands of today’s professional life.

This book is an encouragement. It motivates sensitive people to stand by their nature and especially their empathic gifts despite a few challenges. The great goal of finding fulfilment and satisfaction in professional life will always be worth it.

Nicole Lindner

NICOLE LINDNER is a social worker and runs an online platform for sensitive people who strive for personal and professional development. With this book she not only lets experts and those affected have their say, but also gives the reader an insight into their own professional experiences. Due to this wealth of experience, the author is well aware that there are sometimes some hurdles to overcome in order to reconcile nature and profession.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger