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Farrah Alexander


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A Mother’s Guide to Practical Activism

Mothers are a force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s managing the family’s busy schedule between school assignments and extracurricular activities or excelling in a career and still helping with the kids’ homework, moms get it done. And as the Women’s March, the midterm elections, and the initial 2020 presidential bids show, moms are ready to stand up for issues that affect women and their families. But for those who aren’t ready to make a bid for the presidency, the way forward can be daunting and unclear.

Organized into four sections — Choice; Self-Care; Role-Modeling; and Taking a Stand — Raising the Resistance is a bold and accessible primer with straightforward solutions to the problems haunting women. The author, Farrah Alexander, examines a range of topics including political representation, reproductive healthcare, barriers modern mothers face, and sexual misconduct, while encouraging the readers to practice self-care, reject bigotry, plant seeds of empathy and political awareness in their children, and more.

Progress is made by everyday people. Busy people who balance many different roles and responsibilities, but are just so fed up they can’t take it anymore. Co-chair of the Women’s March and mother of three Linda Sarsour told W Magazine: “I don’t really have time to do it, but you know what? I’m so angry at the things that are around me that I’m going to take that anger and translate it into some productive work.”

Throughout the book, Alexander validates the reader’s frustration with various societal issues women face, and then offers a practical way to channel that frustration into common sense solutions, which can be as simple as correcting a well-meaning, but misinformed, family member about gender equality, or as involved as running for political office (something with which Alexander has experience).

Feminism is no longer a fringe philosophy. It’s now deeply entwined with mainstream culture. However, no book speaks to women the message that feminism can.

Farrah Alexander

Farrah Alexander is a writer whose work focuses on feminism, parenting, social justice, politics, and current events. Her work has been featured in Huffington Post, BUST, and Scary Mommy. She is currently a parenting columnist for the magazine Extol. Her commentary has been discussed in Scientific American, Buzzfeed, Refinery 29, Yahoo, Hello Giggles, Woke Sloth, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Perez Hilton, Daily Mail, BBC, and others. She lives outside Louisville, Ky. with her husband, son, and daughter.
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