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Wolf-Dieter Storl

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The True Origins of our Folk Medicine

• The true origins of our folk medicine
• Healing plants, shamanic healing, and spirits
• The new book from the famous Allgäu-based plant expert

Besides academic medicine as practised by doctors and pharmacists, every people and every ethnic group has its very own functioning art of healing that is adjusted to the given ecological circumstances – such as certain healing plants that grow right outside the cabin or local climate conditions. This ancient knowledge of healing was usually treasured an passed on by women, since traditionally they were the ones taking care of children, the sick, and the elderly. Shamanic healing, excursions to the spirits of plants, confronting »worms« and other disease spirits, as well as overheating therapy (sweat lodge) are all part of this traditional knowledge about healing plants and their powers. Even the first farmers contributed to the ancient European art of healing by using weeds such as camomile or dwarf mallow as remedies or by producing herbal healing beer and herb bread. Cultural anthropologist and ethnobotanist Wolf-Dieter Storl describes all this in his well-known knowledgeable, profound, comprehensive, and at the same time entertaining manner.

Wolf-Dieter Storl

Wolf-Dieter Storl born 1942, cultural anthropologist and ethno-botanist. Former Fulbrigth scholar of the University of Bern, lectured at different universities. Study trips, ethnographical and ethno- botanical field research - in a traditional spiritualist settlement in Ohio, with old and experienced farmers in the Emmental, with medicine men of the Northern Cheyenne, with Shiva Sadhus in India and Nepal - are depicted in numerous articles and books. Since 1988 he lives with his family on a solitary farm in the Allgäu where he is occupied with gardening and investigating the secrets of healing herbs and wild plants.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger