Practising shiatsu



Jean-Louis Abrassart

Guy Trédaniel

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Facing the multiple aggressions of today’s life and the disruption of the environment, we need to to preserve and strengthen our organization’s defense and self-healing processes. This is the goal and originality Shiatsu, a Japanese massage technique that consists of pressing specific points along the sides of the body. The acupuncture meridians are particularly effective in relieving the multiple consequences of stress: fatigue, headaches, sleep difficulties, digestive problems, anxiety, respiratory oppression…

Are you yin or yang, retracted or dilated? How do your energies circulate? What is your most predominant element? What is the influence of the seasons and emotions on your health?

You will discover a clear explanation of basics of oriental medicine rich in advice for daily life. Many drawings teach you precisely how to practice shiatsu on each part of the body: the location of the points, the right pressure to perform, the right position to take so that you are not tired, the benefits of the different lines of dots, the precautions to be taken.

Jean-Louis Abrassart

JEAN-LOUIS ABRASSART has been a body therapist and trainer for 40 years, specializing in non- medical massage techniques. Author of numerous books, he is recognized for his pedagogical qualities.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger