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Franziska Siragusa

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44 cartes
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These cards help you connect with your spiritual helpers more deeply, like Angels, Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddesses, Unicorns, Dragons and other higher beings. Their principal objective is to help you step into your power and move onto a higher path, which is why they are named ‘Power Oracle Cards.

This oracle deck is very high-frequency, in tune with the new energies coming to the planet. Words are sacred and carry vibrations. To keep the frequency as high as possible, only positive expressions have been used. Each card encourages you to reprogram your mind, expand your consciousness and grow spiritually. The cards help you to bring your emotions and your mind into alignment with the Divine.



This is a bridge of light that connects you to the Soul, Monad and Source. It is created with spiritual focus, intention and the power of your will. The card helps you to attune to your Antakarana and to consciously build it.

I AM the Monad

The Monad or the I AM Presence is the original divine spark which Source created. It is your highest dimensional aspect connected with your heart and Source. The card is encouraging you to take the highest guidance available to you.

Atlantean Cats

Atlantean cats are sacred and powerful companions. They keep your aura clear and accompany you as you travel through the galaxies in your spirit body. The card encourages you to become a galactic master and to attune to the stars.

Cosmic Whales

The Cosmic Whales are immense whales of light. They are the guardians of all the universes and cosmic currents. They are multi universal and can move from one universe to another. This card helps you to expand your consciousness to cosmic levels.

Diamond Unicorns

Diamond Unicorns are ninth-dimensional higher beings with a retreat on Mount Shasta; they are pure and full of grace. They work with the Archangel Gabriel to bring purity to humanity. They use sparkling diamonds to clear your energy fields.

Scissors of Horus

The Atlantean High Priest Horus has special scissors that can help you release yourself from the world of illusions you have created. The card is about embracing the beautiful things that surround you.

NB: Some of the above concepts are explored in the book Higher Ascension Tools, Franziska Siragusa, Conscious Creators Publishers 2019

Franziska Siragusa

Franziska is an international Spiritual Teacher, Author and Ascension Leader. She is a Principal Teacher with the Diana Cooper School of White Light, a not-for-profit organisation that offers certified spiritual teaching courses. She teaches and writes about subjects such as Ascension, Atlantis, Lemuria, Angels, Unicorns, Cosmic Whales and the New Golden Age. Her universal name is Laimara which connects her to the Goddess and the ancient Seas of Lemuria. As a Priestess of the Cosmic Order of Melchizedek she has taken on the mission to serve Earth, humanity and the Universe. She is dedicated to help people to embody their Soul and to recognise their divinity. She feels honoured and excited about the opportunity of sharing her wisdom with others and to learn from everyone she encounters. She has a great passion and connection with the ocean and its inhabitants, especially dolphins, whales, sharks, turtles, manatees and mermaids, they make her heart leap with joy!
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