Overexploitation of the soul



Wolfgang Schmidbauer


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256 pages

People today practice a double-exploitation of both their physical and psychological resources. This paralyzing exhaustion of self is increasingly added to the pollution and depletion of our environment. Homo sapiens has turned into homo consumens, and the abundance we all chase doesn’t do us any good. There are many causes for being overwhelmed perfectionism, a fast-moving lifestyle, greed. This results in burnout and depression, aggressive behavior such as bullying, narcissism or simply rage. Instead of understanding problems as normal parts of our lifes, we seek easy satisfaction through consumption or self- medication. According to Schmidbauer it is high time to fill our lives with meaning: doing handycraft is just as good a recipe for this as deceleration and re-evaluation of social con- tacts. Altogether, this will facilitate »psycho- logical resilience« and will give us the energy we need to face the challenges of our times.

Wolfgang Schmidbauer

The psychologist WOLFGANG SCHMIDBAUER is the author of numerous famous books on love, fear and the helper syndrome. He was one of the first critics of the consumpter society.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger