Outdoor Life with a Pocket Knife



Felix Immler

AT Verlag

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Paperback with flaps
128 pages
290 colour photos

A Compact Take-Along Handbook

• How to set up a wilderness camp using one tool only: a pocket knife
• Various new ideas for outdoor adventures
• 100,000 sold pocket knife books by Felix Immler

With no less than 100,000 sold copies the books by pocket knife expert Felix Immler are really successful long sellers. In this little guide he shows us how to set up a comfortable wilderness camp with the help of only one pocket knife equipped with a saw. You can carve a chair, table and bench, spoons, knives, forks, and bowls or weave a plate simply from natural materials. And roast chicken with the help of a water-driven grill-spit. Plenty of practical ideas for exciting outdoor activities that will fascinate young and old.

Felix Immler

Felix Immler Trained mechanic, social worker, and nature educator, now working full-time for Victorinox as pocket knife pedagogue. On his YouTube channel he regularly posts pocket knife and bushcraft videos. He is father of three children.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger