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Find the optimal level of stress and wellness for your life and career-the essential guide for women

If you’re one of the many women juggling the issues and demands of self, home, family, health, and the workplace, stress is one of the most important emotional and physical problems you face every day. Stress is inevitable, but this book shows you how to embrace it and use it. The key lies in learning how to transform harmful reactions into healthy responses.

Optimal Stress offers a new way to view, organize, and shape your world so that you have a healthy response to any stressor or demand in your life. Its approach helps you develop a crucial understanding of what stress is, what it is not, and most importantly, how to find the right stress-health balance.

Clarifies the link between stress and medical disorders such as: heart disease, immune disorders, diabetes, and gastrointestinal issues
Explains three key principles-Priorities, Passions, and Purpose-to help you understand and handle stress
Shares data as well as other women’s true stories, feelings, and insights about stress
Reveals that stress is a process, with emotional, psychological, behavioral, biological and physical components
Helps you find a renewed sense of meaning, coherence, and balance in your life through discovery of your personal BestStress Zone
Gets you in touch with your unique physical and personality traits and life circumstances that contribute to stress

Don’t let stress overwhelm you-discover Optimal Stress and regain balance in your life.

Carol Scott

Dr. Scott is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has Certificates of Added Qualifications in Sports Medicine and Adolescent Medicine. She has been a Team Physician for the University of Nevada since 1994 and was the Director of the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship. She is the Assistant Director at the UNR Student Health Center and also works as an Emergency Department physician for rural hospitals in Nevada.
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