One Bee Too Many


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Andrés Pi Andreu

Kim Amate


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Hardcover Picture Book
32 Pages
4-color illustrations

One Bee Too Many is an ingenious fable with a completely satisfying ending. Will they find the extra bee? Or was it simply a mistake?

A Charming Children’s Book About Bees and Belonging (Ages 9-12)

“The picture book comes across inconspicuously, but it is the most beautiful and cleverest philosophical book that has been on the book market for a long time.” –Hans Christian Andersen Committee

In the tradition of timeless fables, children and adults alike will enjoy this poetic and elaborately illustrated story. A clever tale with a completely satisfying ending, One Bee Too Many explores delicate topics, including prejudice and tolerance.

A contemporary fable about tolerance and equality for kids. There is a great commotion in the beehive. The bees are cramped, they can’t play games, and after many complex calculations, it seems there is one bee too many! Who was it? Was she eating their honey? Could they identify her buzz? And once they did, what would they do with her? An essential in any shelf of diversity and inclusion books for kids, this engaging story offers a profound lesson that is sure to stay with you long after…

Andrés Pi Andreu

Andrés Pi Andreu is an author, poet, editor, National Biliteracy Consultant, and publisher. Born in Havana, Cuba, he writes stories, educates people, and develops social projects to groom minds. His company, TIB Editorial, houses curriculum developers, assessment specialists, and passage and item developers that guide Spanish Language Arts instructional design, Spanish Language Curriculum Development, and ESL content development. He is a consultant and educational author with more than 200 educational books published in the USA educational system and a Spanish Program Author for Benchmark Education’s Avancemos Program. His book, Lo que sabe Alejandro received several book of the year awards in Latin American countries and Spain. His novel, 274, won the Gold Medal in the Florida Book Awards in literature in Spanish in 2015. He currently resides in Miami.

Kim Amate

Since 1974. A lot of things that i look doesn't concern me. I know, one day, somebody will tell me off. At art schools i have been, i was learning to look better. I'm grateful for this because now i can to conceal my habit just explaining that i'm illustrating books or writing any story... As well, children's books are a good place to hide some funny secrets... I like to detail my draws and create peculiar characters, but overall i like to help children to get good reads. Maybe they're very curious too!
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger