Nonviolent Communication in Schools



Gottfried Orth

Hilde Fritz

Junfermann Verlag

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256 pages
17 x 24 cm

How compassion can be achieved
A workbook for everyone living and working at school

You want to take yourself seriously as a teacher, to assert yourself powerfully, define your own boundaries and protect them in a nonviolent way? It is important to you to have compassionate relationships with students and co-workers while at the same time being able to do what you became a teacher for in the first place: be good at teaching? But how can all this be achieved, considering the circumstances of modern schools today?

The concept of Nonviolent Communication, as developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg, aims at establishing respectful relationships which are marked by autonomy, connection, thriving, and solidarity. In their book, Gottfried Orth and Hilde Fritz open up new possibilities for teachers to perceive their own feelings and needs and express them clearly, to learn how to communicate with students empathetically, and to frame conflicts nonviolently as natural and everyday occurrences when living together in a school surrounding. Nonviolent Communication can make teaching and learning in our schools easier and bring about a more pleasant life for everyone in our schools.

Gottfried Orth

Gottfried Orth is a Professor of Religion at Braunschweig University and a member of the ORCA-Institute of Conflict Management. He also conducts the scientific program Nonviolent Communication in Religion and Schools.

Hilde Fritz

Hilde Fritz is a teacher at a special needs school in Giessen. She is also qualified in logotherapy and systemic counseling.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger