No More Bedwetting



Samuel J. Arnold


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How to Help Your Child Stay Dry

In this reassuring, eye-opening book, noted urologist Samuel J. Arnold explains how almost all childhood bedwetting can be cured or controlled. Drawing on over 35 years of experience–and thousands of actual cases–Dr. Arnold illustrates how, contrary to conventional thinking, most bedwetting is caused by underlying physical conditions–conditions that often can be corrected quickly and effectively. And he dispels the harmful and mistaken notion that long-term bedwetting is caused by disobedience, toilet-training conflicts, or parental attitudes.

This essential and supportive guide can help you help your child. No More Bedwetting reveals:
* The many different factors behind bedwetting
* How to determine the root cause of your child’s problem and what to do about it
* The roles of heavy sleep, diseases, anatomical problems, allergies, hormones, and other factors
* The damage of harmful treatments such as punishment or withholding fluids
* A full range of tested strategies and recommendations

Samuel J. Arnold

Dr. Samuel Arnold believes that quality medical care is all about relationships. He spent almost 20 years in private practice before joining North Memorial Health and has most enjoyed the relationships he has created with customers, nurses and team members. Dr. Arnold loves customers who ask questions and engage in their medical care. Having open and honest discussions about what their needs are and what options are available helps him make the right medical decisions.
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Agence Schweiger