Neuroaffective Meditation



Marianne Bentzen

Peter A. Levine

Inner Traditions

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256 pages
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A Practical Guide to Lifelong Brain Development, Emotional Growth, and Healing Trauma

Reveals how meditation can be used for emotional growth, releasing trauma, and accessing inner wisdom

Shares 16 guided meditations for neuroaffective brain development and emotional maturation, along with links to online recordings

• Explores the stages of emotional development, from childhood to old age, and their potentials for developing new ways of functioning

• Reveals the biopsychological effects of meditation on the human brain, including how it affects us at the autonomic, limbic, and prefrontal levels

Drawing on her 25 years of research into brain development as well as decades of meditation practice, psychotherapist Marianne Bentzen shows how neuroaffective meditation—the holistic integration of meditation, neuroscience, and psychology—can be used for personal growth and conscious maturation. She also explores how the practice can help address embedded traumas and allow access to the best perspectives of growing older while keeping the best psychological attitudes of being young—a hallmark of wisdom. She explains that there is a sequence to emotional maturation, just as there is for the development of cognitive or athletic skills, and details the central developmental processes of childhood and adolescence and the adult stages of psychological development. She then explores the biopsychological effects of meditation on the human brain, including how it affects us at the autonomic, limbic, and prefrontal levels.

The author shares 16 guided meditations for neuroaffective brain development (along with links to online recordings), each designed to gently interact with the deep, unconscious layers of the brain and help you reconnect to yourself, your relationships, and the world around. Each meditation explores a different theme, from breathing in “being in your body” to feeling love, compassion, and gratitude in “the songs of the heart” to balancing positive and negative experiences in “mandala.” The author also shares a 5-part meditation centered on breathing exercises designed to balance your energy.

Presenting an authentic, stepwise approach to spiritual growth, emotional maturation, and brain development, this guide explains the science behind neuroaffective meditation and offers detailed practices for a truly personal and ever-evolving experience of inner wisdom and growth.

Marianne Bentzen

Marianne Bentzen is a psychotherapist and trainer in neuroaffective development psychology. The author and coauthor of many professional articles and books, includ- ing The Neuroaffective Picture Book, she has taught in 17 countries and presented at more than 35 international and national conferences. She lives in Denmark.

Peter A. Levine

Doctor of Medical and Biological Sciences (Berkekey, California), Doctor of Psychology, he has studied stress and trauma for years and has contributed to numerous scientific and medical publications on the subject. He was a consultant for NASA during the development of the space shuttle and has taught in hospitals and pain clinics in Europe and the USA. He founded the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (Boulder, Colorado). Translated into 20 languages, his book has become a worldwide bestseller.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger