Move your DNA





Sports and Martial Arts

Katy Bowman


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The book that put Katy Bowman at the forefront of the Movement movement.

Accessible and fascinating, Move Your DNA is a game-changer in the world of health, fitness, and movement science. Hailed as offering a pioneering and paradigm-shifting perspective on exercise, this book explains how movement works and shows that we need all-day movement, not just exercise, to thrive.

Move Your DNA contains corrective exercises, habit modifications, and simple lifestyle changes to free ourselves from the diseases of affluence and discover our naturally healthy, reflex-driven selves. Readers from all walks of life love Katy’s humorous, passionate, and above all science-based guide to restoring your body through natural movement.

Katy Bowman

Bestselling author, speaker, and a leader of the Movement movement, biomechanist Katy Bowman is changing the way we move and think about our need for movement. Her eight books, including the groundbreaking Move Your DNA, have been translated into more than a dozen languages worldwide. Bowman teaches movement globally and speaks about sedentarism and movement ecology to academic and scientific audiences such as the Ancestral Health Summit and the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. Her work is regularly featured in diverse media such as the Today Show, CBC Radio One, the Seattle Times, the Joe Rogan Experience, and Good Housekeeping. One of Maria Shriver's "Architects of Change" and an America Walks "Woman of the Walking Movement," Bowman consults on educational and living space design to encourage movement-rich habitats. She has worked with companies like Patagonia as well as non-profits to ensure diverse socioeconomic groups benefit from her "move more, move more of you, and move better" message. Her movement education company, Nutritious Movement, is based in Washington State, where she lives with her family.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger