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Laurent Huguelit

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504 pages
30 illustrations
14 x 22 cm

It was on a trip to Amazonia that the author was appointed the spokesperson of the great rainforest by the spirit of the mother of all mothers in person. In accordance with the spiritual contract that was drawn up in the heart of this green matrix, Laurent Huguelit wrote down the words, the visions, the impressions, and the stories that the rainforest asked him to convey. In these pages, we discover teachings from nature that are given to us with sincerity, a pilgrimage to the heart of the great family of the living. We encounter the ancestral tree, clarity of consciousness, compassion, shamans, and their healing chants – but also (because all must be known), the throes of darkness. With Mother, the rainforest hopes to reestablish the sacred ties between humanity and planet Earth to make way for a new awareness, and so that the children of the forest may be reconnected with the one who has been there since their birth – to respect her, preserve her, and love her.

Laurent Huguelit

A Swiss shaman trained in the traditions of different cultures and modern techniques developed in the Western world, Laurent Huguelit is the founder of L’Outre-Monde, a center for shamanic practices. He also teaches courses and workshops at the FSS (Foundation for Shamanic Studies, created by the anthropologist Michael Harner) in France. In addition to writing the Prefaces for The Way of the Shaman, Cave and Cosmos, and Celestial Shamans, he is also the author of The Eight Circuits of Consciousness and the co-author of The Shaman and the Shrink.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger