Mini Workout For Back Pain Prevention And Relief. A Pocket Guide



Heike Höfler

Mankau Verlag

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126 pages
Softcover with gatefolds
Full-colour print

Useful exercises for back and neck pain

• Relief for the most common disorder, prevent or alleviate pain

• Effective exercises in a handy format

Back and neck pain is the most common health problem encountered in the population. Latest research findings have shown that in 70 to 90 percent of sufferers, it is neither the spinal disks nor the skeleton that cause these problems, but rather shortened and too weak supporting muscles. And this is usually a result of a lack of exercise and constant poor posture, for example when working on the computer.

This pocket guide, with its easy explanations and attractive illustrations, provides a multitude of effective exercises, helping patients to get their backs and necks back in top shape. When done regularly, its tried-and-tested exercise routines will make your muscles stronger, more flexible, less strained and thus improve your posture. They are equally suitable to prevent back problems or to alleviate already existing back pain, as they minimize pain, strengthen muscles and train relief postures, and may thus ultimately spare patients back surgery.

Benefit from the vast practical experience gained in more than two decades of back training:
•Valuable information on the most important supporting muscles such as abdominal, back, gluteal and leg muscles
•Ten varied and sophisticated anti-pain and preventive programmes that are easy to follow

Heike Höfler

She is a certified physical education and gymnastics teacher who has decades of professional experience working in health and physiotherapy clinics and who since 2002 has been working as a free-lance trainer ( For more than 24 years, she has been teaching back and neck training classes as well as relaxation, breathing, face and jaw joint training classes, amongst others for health insu- rance companies, educational institutions, adult education centres or companies. Heike Höfler became more widely known through her TV appearances and radio interviews on topics such as "facial fitness training”, jaw exercises as well as back and neck workouts.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger