Mindful drinking




Isabella Steiner

Katja Kauf

Knesebeck Verlag

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16.0 x 23.2 cm
Softcover with flaps
240 pages
150 colour illustrations


Alcohol-free for me today, thanks!

Asking for alcohol-free drinks immediately raises suspicions: A drink problem? Is she pregnant? Is he a bore? Enough of all that! ‘Mindful Drinking’ – the conscious decision to consume alcohol responsibly and with enjoyment – is the next logical step towards a healthy lifestyle after balanced diet, exercise and self-care. And the likeable authors from nüchtern.berlin – the online platform focusing on enjoyment without alcohol prove that this does not mean making sacrifices and making do with boring alternatives, but mindful drinking without the unpleasant side-effects. Mindful Drinking is the perfect guide to starting out on a healthy, hangover-free and mindful life!


An important book that holds up a mirror to us all, ex- plains interrelationships with a dash of humour and helps to establish a mindful approach to alcohol

#No-vember‚ #DryJanuary, #SoberOctober – zero alcohol is the trend and a logical continuation of lifestyle movements such as self-care, yoga or clean eating

With recipes for non-alcoholic alternatives

Isabella Steiner

Isabella Steiner (*1989) examined the question of what living a good life means during her sociology studies. The topic of alcohol consumption was an item on the agenda from an early date. Previously known for attending wild parties and an excessive enjoyment of alcohol, she then focused on the question: What do you drink when you're not drinking? And the answer to that question was the start-up nüchtern.berlin.

Katja Kauf

Katja Kauf (*1991) was born in Augsburg, has German-American roots, was brought up blingual and now lives in Berlin. For years, she has had a very close relationship with red wine. To promote awareness of the issue, she focuses all her energies on her business, nüchtern.berlin, of which she is a co-founder.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger