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The extraordinary properties of the intestinal microbiota
Could actions on the microbiota stop the epidemic of diabetes and obesity and reduce the inflation of cardiovascular diseases? Would they make it possible to prevent and better treat depression, degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s and many autoimmune diseases, or even improve the performance of drug treatments for cancer?

This is the whole subject of this shocking and incredibly popularized book. By returning to the composition and balance of the intestinal microbiota and the chronic human diseases associated with it, this book shows how the rapid advances in our knowledge and ongoing research on the microbiota are expected to radically change the therapeutic prospects of many illnesses and play a key role in the advent of personalized medicine.

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Patrick Hillon

Dr Patrick Hillon is a university professor, a hospital practitioner and a specialist on the revolution of the microbiota and its therapeutic advances.
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Agence Schweiger