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Manuela Rüther

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152 pages
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Green Power From the Kitchen Garden Cultivation, Types, Recipes

• Green power from the kitchen garden
• Keep fit and healthy with young plant leaves
• Various recipes, information on cultivation, portraits of different types

In the USA people know and love them, over here they are one of the latest fashions in cooking: micro greens or micro leaves, the very young, first small leaves of broccoli, radish, cress, mizuna, kale, and a number of other vegetables. Some of these little energy bombs full of vital agents can be found at farmer’s markets, but they are also easy to grow at home. They will readily thrive on the window sill or balcony. A few flower pots, earth or substrate, and the right seeds will suffice. The first »real« leaves should be harvested, those that grow shortly after the seed leaves. The recipes prove how tremendously they can enrich the kitchen – be it colourful salads, wraps and sandwiches or aromatic soups, pasta, and risotto dishes, as well as smoothies and – surprisingly – even sweet dishes. Including all the necessary practical information on cultivation, plus 25 portraits ft he various types, from amaranth to wheat.

Manuela Rüther

Manuela Rüther born 1979, worked as chef in various award-winning restaurants after finishing school. Since 2008 freelance photographer and author. Her photos, stories, and recipes received numerous awards and are regularly published in magazines, books, and her blog.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger