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“Your beautiful and bountiful heart is a bridge for all that is Sacred,” says Ashley River Brant. “It carries the keys for all the wisdom you seek, all that you desire to create or become, and all the nourishment your soul needs in this lifetime.” Now this artist, spiritual medium, and medicine woman brings you a potent transformative tool to help you come home to the healing power of your heart with her new oracle deck, Messages from the Heart of the Divine.

Every card in Messages from the Heart of the Divine is charged with unique nature magic. Each of these 44 cards is painted with plant and mineral pigments, natural waters from the rivers, creeks, and oceans, and flower essences to encode each card with a specific alchemy of Earth Spirit healing. The accompanying guidebook provides you with instructions on how to interact with the cards, sample spreads, and rituals to help you engage more deeply with the cards’ messages.

By working with this deck you can increase your connection to your innate healing powers and intuitive wisdom, see yourself more clearly through the lens of your higher self, and feel more in alignment with your true nature. You’ll awaken the courage and confidence you need to show up in the world as you truly are. “You are actually the oracle,” says Brant. “This deck simply offers guidance for you to see that within yourself.”

Ashley River Brant

Ashley River Brant is a multidimensional artist, energy healer, teacher, and herbalist who has been featured in Refinery29, Nylon magazine, and the Sunday Times. Her Soul Tattoo® sessions, which are ceremonial intuitive tattoo sessions, have garnered a multi-yearlong waitlist with residencies from New Zealand to New York. For more, visit
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