Life explained to children


New Age / Esoterics


Jean-Jacques Charbonnier

Guy Trédaniel

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Infos :

218 pages
145 x 180 mm

But also to adults

This book is designed to answer your questions about life.

Where do we come from? Who are we? How did we get to this planet? What did we come to do on Earth? How should we behave towards others?

I’m sure you’ve already thought about all this; maybe you’ve already tried to find answers by talking to adults or trying to read newspaper articles or even books about these things?

things? I know that most of the time adults are embarrassed to talk about these topics because they don’t know how to deal with them.

This is why I wanted to write the book you are holding in your hands.

As you read, you will see that the knowledge of certain experiences, of many strange and unexplained phenomena, will help you to understand many things about the way of conceiving life and will give you the courage to think about them.

This will give you the opportunity to answer many of the main questions set out at the beginning of this presentation.

How was the universe designed? What is this invisible force or ‘higher energy’ that is often mentioned by religions? Where does life come from? What is the place of coincidences in life? What did we come to do on Earth? What is an existential problem? What is intuition? What is sexuality? Why is it taboo?

My greatest wish is that you have fun learning new things that will help you on your life path.

Key selling points:

– By Jean-Jacques Charbonier, author of several best-sellers

– All subjects are tackled without any taboo.

– Real answers that open the mind and the thinking process, especially in this anxious period for the youngest.

Jean-Jacques Charbonnier

Dr Jean-Jacques Charbonier is an anaesthetist and resuscitation doctor. For more than thirty years, he has been studying the experiences at the edge of death and is now considered one of the world's leading specialists in this sensitive field. In 2018, he founded his company, Conscience and Hypnosis, and the Institute for Research and Communication on Extraneuronal Intuitive Consciousness (IRCCIE). He is the author of “La Mort expliquée aux enfants mais aussi aux adultes”, published by the same publisher.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger