Letters to a Dying Friend



Anton Grosz

Quest Books

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170 Pages
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Helping those you love make a conscious Transition

When Anton’s Grosz’s friend Peter died suddenly, much too young, while jogging with his dog Max Grosz was struck by how little prepared Peter had been to make a conscious exit. These letters are what Grosz would have told him, if he had been given the chance, about the process of dying and what comes next. Fortunately, we do have the opportunity to read these moving letters and to discover how the ancient wisdom of the Tibetan Book of the Dead and its corroboration in the near-death studies of today’s researchers can help us. This

Anton Grosz

Anton Grosz, Ph.D., is an author, editor, motivational counselor, and lecturer on spiritual topics. He has conducted numerous workshops and has taught a mini-course titled "Death: What Comes Next" in both colleges and adult education programs. He has worked directly with dying patients in the San Francisco hospice system, and also privately as a personal home-care provider.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger