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101 Practical Ways to Stop Stressing & Start Living

As readers turn these pages, they may hear echoes of A Course in Miracles, Abraham-Hicks, Byron Katie, Louise Hay, or Glennon Doyle, but what they are getting is a conversation with a new friend who has been there, done that, and knows the drill. Susie Moore’s writing amuses and inspires. Each brief chapter delivers a poignant or funny message encouraging readers to become more free and powerful. Her stories about everyday interactions, such as dinner at a chichi restaurant or lunch with a friend, contain life lessons that don’t deny the reality of suffering but pivot toward a life-changing way of processing pain, grief, loss, and anxiety. Moore addresses forgiveness, family, friendship, health, love, work, and money in a wise but conversational tone that allows for the reader’s own insights and epiphanies to take hold. The results make everything from deciding what to cook for dinner to having more intimacy with a spouse, recovering from a painful past, or disconnecting from a toxic friend not only possible but easy. Moore’s unique take on life and how to live it is destined for bedside tables and morning meditations for anyone striving to let go of the struggle and open to the real power and peace we all possess.

Key Selling Points

Presents nuggets of real-life wisdom that illustrate how to defuse stressful triggers and recast failures into successes with simple-yet-powerful changes in perspective

The author has inspired thousands to start successful side hustles that became major income producers

In the tradition of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Moore offers delightfully spot-on takes on getting on and getting through

The author’s newsletter reaches 230,000 people, and she has 91,000 followers on Instagram, has published recent articles in Cosmopolitan and Business Insider, and has created more than 100 podcasts.

Susie Moore

A former sales director and adviser for start-ups in Silicon Valley and New York, Susie Moore is a life coach and advice columnist for some of the world’s biggest media outlets. Her work has been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Marie Claire, the Huffington Post, and on Today and Oprah.com. A native of England, she now lives and works in Miami.
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