Learning from Horses



Sylvain Gillier

Guy Trédaniel

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244 pages
152 x 221 mm

Practices, Rituals and Meditations

For many riders, the connection with their horse is now more important than dressage, jumping or riding in a riding club. Perhaps this is because the horse transports between worlds. This book restores the magical, enchanted connection to the horse that many seek.

Through meditation practices, rituals, ceremonies and practical explanations, this book gives essential tools to those who want to create or deepen another relationship with horses.

It explores the special relationship between Native American peoples and their horses, but also restores horses to their place in the Western imagination through essential exercises and teachings.

This essentially practical book offers energetic exercises and meditative rituals inspired by the

practice of mandalas, to be performed with or without horses, and which is aimed at everyone, whether a rider or a horse lover.

Sylvain Gillier

A former Asperger's sufferer turned naturopath and equitherapist, Sylvain Gillier is the creator of "Cheval en Pleine Conscience" see: https://www.cheval-meditation.org/, a network around the horse in full consciousness. A freedom-loving rider, he rides horses without any bit or shoe, bareback and in the open air, according to the principles of Native American equitation and indigenous peoples. As an online webinar organizer, writer, youtuber and teacher with the training organization eQuintessence, he shares his knowledge and experience of traditional and energetic medicines. Inspired by the European traditions of theInspired by European horse traditions, the rituals of the Druidic horse goddess Epona, Native American teachings from the Southwestern United States and Tibetan meditation practices with mandalas, he offers rituals to better connect with horses and nature.
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