I sleep better with yoga


Children's Books

Julie Portanguen

Esprit Yoga

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Infos :

Pages : 44
14 x 17cm
Stitched stapled

The morning has not started well for Lilo. He hasn’t slept enough and feels tired, a bit upset. He feels like crying. His friends try to reassure him saying that they too sometimes finds it difficult to fall asleep, but all Lilo wants it to go back home and hide in his room. Thankfully, his friend Ghani is helpful as ever and suggests Lilo that just before going to bed he practices a simple sequence of yoga poses. This sequence will help him to relax and to abandon himself trustfully to the restoring sleep. If  sometimes you too find it difficult to fall asleep, unroll your mat and follow the advise of Ghani: the results will soon be coming!

Julie Portanguen

Lives in Paris. Danse and yoga teacher, Specialised in children Yoga.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger