I Quit Scolding My Children (and Husband)



Anne Ghesquière

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15 x 19 cm
From 160 to 232 pages

The “J’arrête de” collection presents in each book a 21-days program to quit a bad habit that spoil your daily life. The collection is directed by Anne Ghesquière who is the founder of the FemininBio.com magazine and the author of books on natural well-being.

The collection includes the bestselling J’arrête de râler (I Stop Complaining): 150,000 copies sold of the hardback edition and 200,000 copies of the paperback edition.

List :

I Quit Complaining!

I Quit Scolding My Children (and Husband)

I Quit Feeling Stressed Out

I Quit Judging (Myself)

I Quit Being Afraid

I Quit Feeling Overwhelmed

I Quit With Burnout

I Quit Non Essentials

I Quit Being Overconnected

I Quit Procrastinating

I Quit Toxic Relationships

I Quit Being Jealous

I Quit Giving up my Dreams

I Quit Bank Overdrafts

I Quit Yo-yo effect with EFT

I Quit limiting beliefs

Forthcoming in March 2020

I Quit living in chaos

Forthcoming in April 2020

Anne Ghesquière

Anne Ghesquière, born on 27 August 1971 in Paris, is a French author and publisher. She is the founder of the medium FemininBio and is the author of several books on the themes of healthy lifestyle, well-being, organic cosmetics and spirituality. As collection director, Anne Ghesquière has published numerous books on major societal trends and committed subjects (environment, economy...).
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger