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Alexandra Molina


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40 cards
Size: 100 x 150 mm
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12 pages

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Affirmations and rituals to strengthen children

Strong messages for high self-esteem »I believe in myself.« • »What I say is important.« »I am happy.« • »I can do anything.« Ideally, we develop positive beliefs like these as children, because then they are particularly effective. With 40 affirmations, the lovable and popular animal friends from the book »The Self-Assured Little Elephant« convey self-confidence, mindfulness, security, love and a good handling of strong feelings to our little ones. Simply draw a card, read out the saying or have it read aloud and do the short exercise on the card back. As a small ritual in the morning, before going to bed or in between, these cards enrich every child‘s soul – and confident happy children become confident happy adults.

Alexandra Molina

Alexandra Molina from North Rhine-Westphalia worked for several years in human resources management and marketing for an international company after completing her business studies. Her interest in psychology, personal development and spirituality was followed by training as a certified personal and business coach, Journey Practitioner according to Brandon Bays and children and youth coach. She supports women in reconnecting with their intuition, building trust and achieving inner freedom, as well as finding their soul purpose.
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Agence Schweiger