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Yogan Samson-Bredel

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Hutslovers is a book about the most incredible and marginal cabins it’s author discovered over the last ten years.

This kind of logbook will introduce you to unsually built shelters: most of them are self-built, with very little money, but a lot of imagination. All visited and some of them built by Yogan, theese Shelters are scattered throughout the world. From the Halong Bay to the beaches of Thailand, from Ushuaïa to the Machu Picchu, from San Francisco to Vancouver’s island, via Hungary and France, Cabanophiles are countless !

They might inspire you for your next creations…

Yogan Samson-Bredel

Yogan Samson-Bredel, or Yogan Carpenter, is a French writer and photographer. He spent his childhood in the countryside, sleeping in caves and venturing into the forest, passionate about huts. When he reached adulthood, he built one, the Treebane, which he lived in for seven years. Afterwards, he travels the world to discover the different alternative habitats and describes them in his book "Cabanophiles" which he will self-publish in the Tarn on recycled paper. He is also a member of the CopeauXcabana collective, a hut construction company and encourages a new look at ecology and architecture.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger