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Marianne Ruoff

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224 pages
148 colour photos
Word Count: 39,493

Dragon Medicine of Ancient Times With Lots of Recipes and Applications

• The first book ever about the healing plant horsetail and its multiple usages
• Horsetail in folk medicine and science, an ancient healing plant
• Healing and survival power from ancient times, with lots of recipes and applications

The archaic family of horsetail dates back to prehistoric times, it was among the first inhabitants of Earth. A peculiar, soothing healing power emanates from this plant, probably due to the fact that it has survived all natural disasters that ever occurred on Earth. It seems that by the force of its wise serenity, its simplicity and structure, it has the power to remedy even health issues. Horsetail contains a lot of silica and it supports the treatment of diseases of the skin, mucosa, hair, kidney and bladder, the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the musculoskeletal system. It is used in midwifery and can help alleviate mental stress. Based on both folk medicine and scientific research, this book provides a comprehensive description of the healing powers of each subtype, such as field, winter, forest, or giant horsetail and many others. A variety of naturopathic recipes and beneficial cosmetics preparations can be made not only from field horsetail, but also from the other types. Additionally, there are many interesting ways to use them in the kitchen as a superfood rich in minerals, or as practical helpers in the household.

Marianne Ruoff

Marianne Ruoff M.D., specialist for general medicine, acupuncture, traditional Chinese herb medicine, and phytotherapy, runs her own practice in Berne since 1996. Lectures and seminars on healing herbs. Wilderness educationalist.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger