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Create Business Legacy Adventure In Homeless to Billionaire: The 18 Principles of Wealth Attraction and Creating Unlimited Opportunity, Andres Pira presents 18 principles for attracting wealth, creating opportunity, and celebrating self-discovery. Inspired by his own massive life changes, Pira details his business journey from homeless and unemployed to telemarketer to a Thai baht billionaire. Using the principles developed by mentors including Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, and Bob Proctor, Pira put their guidance into action. Innovating along the way and leveraging his own experiences with employees and clients; through failure and success, his 18 Principles were forged. Uncanny wisdom from this millennial adventurer-turned-businessman is blended with proven research and case studies into powerful lessons. “Do whatever it is you want to do in life. Be whomever you want to be. Go wherever you want to go. Have whatever it is you want to have right now,” urges Pira. The book is part autobiography, part success workbook, and 100% life lessons as Pira details how to move from fear to inspiration, competitiveness to domination, and student to mentor in business. His call to action is for readers to live their legacy every day. “I really enjoyed Homeless To Billionaire. It’s a valuable work on wealth-creation that also reads like a thrilling adventure story. Take the time to visit the world of Andres Pira; you’ll be richly rewarded for it.” Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. Author of The Big Leap www.hendricks.com “This book shares an inspiring, miraculous story that’s a must read! It’s packed full of golden nuggets and proven wealth principles to help you create your own miracle!” Debbie Allen International Speaker & Bestselling Author of The Highly Paid Expert and Success Is EASY

Andres Pira

Becoming a Thai millionaire at thirty was only the beginning for Swedish-born billionaire, entrepreneur, speaker, and author ANDRES PIRA. At the age of 35, Pira went on to become a Thai baht billionaire. Based in Phuket, Thailand, his group of companies under Blue Horizon Developments is currently a luxury resort empire of 19 companies with 249 employees and growing. A serial businessman, his portfolio spans real estate, gyms, a law office, gas station, coffee shops, and live events company. Blue Horizon Developments has received over fifteen awards from internationally-acclaimed property awards groups such as International Property Awards, Thailand Property, and Dot Property Group. A philanthropist at heart, Pira believes one’s true wealth is the good one does in this world. In his spare time, Pira enjoys mountain climbing, skydiving, bungee jumping, skiing, bodybuilding, and football.
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