Healing With Symbols. The 64 Most Important Healing Signs




New Age / Esoterics

Petra Neumayer

Roswitha Stark

Mankau Verlag

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174 pages

18 sign codes of the New Homeopathy
18 symbols of the Holy Geometry
28 healing symbols from all over the world

• Valuable knowledge about the most important healing symbols

• Matching the set of cards ”Painted Medicine”

Symbols are the language of our subconscious and our soul. They have an impact – especially in the spiritual and healing field. Even if the mind sometimes cannot interpret them, but they convey a message to our higher consciousness and lead our way to health and harmony.

Petra Neumayer and Roswitha Stark describe 64 fundamental healing symbols (also available in the card set “Painted Medicine”): Erich Körbler’s sign code system, important symbols of the Holy Geometry and proven healing symbols from all over the world. They explain the message and the deeper meaning of these powerful signs in a sensitive manner, inspiring texts promote intuitive under- standing. This knowledge enables and improves the use of these healing symbols for health and wellbeing.

The following 64 healing symbols are described in the book:

● 18 sign codes of the New Homeopathy

● 18 symbols of the Holy Geometry
● 28 healing symbols from all over the world

Petra Neumayer

She is a Munich-based free-lance medical journalist, lecturer and author. She has published numerous books about dietary supplements, alternative medicine and naturopathy, one of them being "Healing with Numbers” and the successful se- ries "Painted Medicine” (co-authored by Roswitha Stark). At Natura Naturans, she trained in traditional Western medicine ("Paracelsus medicine").

Roswitha Stark

She is a graduate specialist in German studies and an alternative practitioner for healing with vibra- tions, sensitive resonance therapy and energe- tic healing techniques. Moreover she is a course instructor for information medicine, healing with symbols and dowsing. She works with humans and animals. Roswitha Stark is – together with Petra Neumayer – author of the best selling series "Painted Medicine”.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger