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Sheila Rubin and Bret Lyon

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How to Work with This Powerful, Mysterious Emotion—and Transform It into an Ally

The voice that says you’re just not good enough. The parts of yourself you keep hidden. The feeling that, deep down, there’s something wrong with you. Shame plagues all of us. And though we all feel shame, no one likes to acknowledge it. Why? Because shame is the most painful and destructive emotion we experience. It’s also designed to protect us.

In Healing Shame, Sheila Rubin and Bret Lyon ask the question: What if your shame—that awful, overwhelming emotion—could work for you instead of sabotaging your well-being? “Shame is at the root of depression, trauma, addiction, eating disorders, and perfectionism,” they teach. “When we go to extremes to keep our vulnerabilities hidden, our very efforts keep us stuck. But when we develop a healthy relationship with this complex emotion, we find freedom and healing.”

For almost two decades, Rubin and Lyon have been leading the effort to educate psychotherapists on how to more effectively work with shame. With this new audio program, they make their most important teachings available to everyone. Through six dynamic, practice-filled sessions, you’ll explore topics such as: sex and relationships, the body and aging, childhood trauma, the difference between shame and other difficult emotions, and more. Finally, you’ll learn how to have a healthy relationship with shame, cultivating safe boundaries, strength, and resilience.

Sheila Rubin and Bret Lyon

Sheila Rubin, MA, LMFT, RDT/BCT, and Bret Lyon, PhD, SEP, are co-creators of the Healing Shame–Lyon/Rubin Method and founders of The Center for Healing Shame. Through their in-person and popular online trainings, they have taught hundreds of psychotherapists throughout the world how to more effectively identify and work with shame. They live together in Berkeley, CA. For more, visit healingshame.com.
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Agence Schweiger