Healing Hands



New Age / Esoterics

Tanja Kohl


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160 pages

The basics of energetic healing

How to do something beneficial for yourself and others by letting your energy flow We all bear the universal healing power within ourselves. But most of us do not know that they also have the ability to transfer energy, or they do not dare to do so. Tanja Kohl, Reiki teacher and hypnosis coach, introduces you step by step to this gift that lies dormant in you. She shows you how you can let the healing energy flow out of your own hands and how you can use it in a targeted manner. Whether you want to give well-being to your love

Tanja Kohl

Reiki Master Tanja Kohl For the past twenty years I have been training and matching service dogs for blind and visually impaired people with their owners. During this time I was able to gain a lot of experience and over the years the desire to accompany people in their self-healing increased. During this phase I met a wonderful woman named Jasmin Wolff. Jasmine has been helping people and animals for thirty years to dissolve energetic blockages, let go of old patterns and experiences and thus become and stay healthy. When I was allowed to get to know and experience Jasmine's work, I experienced so many wonderful things that I worked intensively on the energy. After four years of practice and experience with energy work, I felt the desire to learn Reiki. I received my first Reiki diploma from Jasmin and initially healed myself for weeks, during which time I went through a profound change. During this time I went through a deep change. I felt like I was getting closer to my own centre and to myself. After that I treated friends and acquaintances and realised that Reiki could do much more.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger