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Thomas Hübl

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A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds

A comprehensive guide to understanding and addressing collective trauma.

Whether or not we have experienced personal trauma, we are all—in very real ways—impacted by the legacy of familial and cultural suffering. Recent research has shown that trauma affects groups just as acutely as it does individuals; it bridges families, generations, communities, and borders. “I believe that unresolved systemic traumas delay the development of the human family, harm the natural world, and inhibit the higher evolution of our species,” writes Thomas Hübl. However, just as trauma can be integrated and healed for a single person, groups large and small can also find recovery. With Healing Collective Trauma, this world-renowned spiritual teacher presents a hopeful road map to mending the mind, body, and soul.

Here, Hübl explains the most recent science of trauma and shares the principles of his Collective Trauma Integration Process (CTIP), a protocol he has facilitated for groups in the US, Germany, Israel, and elsewhere. He examines collective trauma both from the perspective of the latest research and through a spiritual lens informed by 15 years as a meditation teacher.

Thomas is an Austrian-born spiritual teacher and self-described mystic. He left medical school as a young man to go on a spiritual search, immersing himself in the world’s wisdom traditions. Over the past 15 years he has established several international businesses and non-profits devoted to his work, which marries mystical principles with modern science for a spirituality uniquely applicable to the challenges of modern life. An active presenter world-wide and a favorite of Ken Wilber’s Integral audience, Thomas has also created more than a dozen online courses and multi-year training programs. Now based in both Germany and Israel, he enjoys an international audience and has a business office and US team in California.  Among his many offerings, Thomas has an online course on conflict resolution with negotiation expert and best-selling author William Ury, who is writing the foreword for this book. Healing Collective Trauma is Thomas’s first English language publication.

Thomas’s most recent endeavor is the non-profit organization The Pocket Project, devoted to addressing the issue of intergenerational and collective trauma through a blend of modern science and timeless spiritual principles. To this end, Thomas has created the Collective Trauma Integration Process. Embraced by psychological professionals, organizations, and even governments across the world, Thomas has trained a cohort of approximately 150 people in a year-long program on the CTIP, and has led both large and small groups in trauma integration in both Germany and Israel. In this book, he lays out the foundation for his approach to collective trauma with his signature blend of timeless mystical wisdom and the latest scientific and psychological research.

With contributions from Dr. Gabor Mate, C.Otto Scharmer, Dr. Dan Siegel, Ken Wilber and other experts, this book is both a primer on the latest research on all kinds of trauma and Thomas’s own “Mystical Principles of Healing,” the work that has brought both mental health professionals and spiritual seekers to his US trainings for over a decade. A unique and moving synergy of science and spirit, Healing Collective Trauma opens the way to the better world we know is possible.

Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl is a modern mystic and internationally renowned spiritual teacher whose work integrates the core insights of the great wisdom traditions with the discoveries of contemporary science. Combining somatic awareness, meditation, and transformational practices, Hübl facilitates large-scale group change processes, and leads workshops, retreats, and training programs in the US and internationally. For more, see thomashuebl.com.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger