Green cosmetics




Gabriela Nedoma


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17 x 22 cm
Pages 256

Organic care from the kitchen and garden

My skin loves green! Green cosmetics shows biological alternatives to deodorants with aluminum, skin creams with PEGs and products tested on animals. All of the recipes in this book are truly natural. The shampoos grow on the trees, the toothpaste blooms in the meadow and the sun cream sprouts in the garden. Everything is 100% natural, quickly conjured up and so pure that it can be tasted. A healthy fresh cell treatment from nature – like biting into a fresh apple! Cosmetics that work naturally. 130 recipes from head to toe. Deodorants, shampoos, dental care, skin smoothies, lotions, sun protection, ointments, baby care and much more. Suitable for all skin types and the whole family. Easily available food grade ingredients. Quick and easy recipes. Manufacture with kitchen accessories. Step by step instructions. Gentle on skin and nature.

Gabriela Nedoma

Gabriela Nedoma is a book author, nature educator and seminar leader. In her work she deals with nature education and skin ecology and imparts practical knowledge for a life from nature. She started the initiative "Nature protects skin" and the Green Cosmetics Pedagogy, educational measures to promote nature-based skin socialisation. She is also committed to ecological lifestyles and cosmetics without animal testing.
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Agence Schweiger