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Inés Hermann


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Thread stitching
17 x 22 cm
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Natural and homemade cleaning products

Each recipe is described with the exact effects it has. The use of mineral scouring agents, natural acids, vegetable surfactants, essential oils and herbs results in a large number of ecological cleaning agents which are easy to prepare. So you can gradually replace conventional cleaners with home-made ones that are not only environmentally friendly, inexpensive and health-friendly, but vegan as well. Gradually replace the many colourful plastic bottles in your cleaning cabinet with your own products.

Inés Hermann

Inés Hermann, born in 1961 in the Swabian Alb and true to her homeland, wife, mother of 5 sons, grandmother of 2 grandchildren, felter, do-it-yourselfer, nature lover, hiker, herb collector, cometic stirrer, soap maker, fantastic role-player, book lover, nostalgic, environmentalist, recycler and idea accumulator who wishes she had more time.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger