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Jenny Allison


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110 x 180mm
144 pages

Caring for the World’s Mothers After Childbirth

Golden Month outlines a holistic approach towards postnatal care that combines the best practices from different cultures throughout the world.

The result of a decade of research by acupuncturist and teacher Jenny Allison, Golden Month debunks the anxiety-inducing myth of the perfect postpartum body. It focuses on a mother’s long-term well-being, looking at both mental and physical health, and nutrition.

Every mother to be should read this book. So too should their closest family and friends.

– Isabella Lynch on Goodreads

Too often women feel challenged to expect too much of themselves when they most need care and attention,

this book is an excellent reinforcement to that other voice of reason that needs to be heard in postpartum care.

— Dr Suzanne Cochrane, lecturer in traditional Chinese medicine, University of Western Sydney


Jenny Allison

For the past 20 years her passion has been working, studying and teaching on the well-being of women and children with Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has trained in this area with traditional practitioners in London, Sydney and Hangzhou. With the births of her children, she developed her interest in the care of mothers after childbirth with Traditional Chinese medicine; this was reinforced when she spent time in West Africa and learnt about the postnatal traditions of her own multicultural family. She began talking with more mothers and grandmothers from other parts of the world, and was fascinated by the similarities in their traditions, and by how essential good care was for mother and baby in these societies. At the same time her training in Chinese medical theory was helpful in interpreting the reasoning behind their practices. She decided to record her experiences so that women from all over the world could share their knowledge and learn from each other.
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