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John Wineland

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280 pages
6 x 9 inches


A New Masculine Paradigm for Leading with Love, Living Your Truth, and Healing the World

A respected leader in men’s work shares a practical guide to redefine, heal, and reembrace masculinity in our world.

For men who reject toxic ideals of conquest and oppression that once defined masculinity, what comes next? How do we define the new paradigm that is wanting to emerge? With From the Core, renowned teacher John Wineland presents a vision of awakened masculinity rooted in conscious awareness, unflinching responsibility, and true leadership.

Wineland presents eleven core concepts for masculine evolution—including ways to strengthen your biology, strip away egoic delusions, become a trustworthy healing presence for women, and more. Through guided practices and a fearless exploration of truth, Wineland helps us step powerfully into this unprecedented moment in history.

Wineland’s mentor David Deida threw down the gauntlet for men in his classic book, The Way of the Superior Man. In this shifting time when we must navigate gender fluidity, sexual politics, and the new rules of intimacy, From the Core delivers a compelling call to advance our exploration of what masculinity means—so each of us can step up, open up, and be of service in our unique way.

John Wineland

John Wineland is an LA-based men’s group facilitator and speaker. For more, visit
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