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Jessica Holsman


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Trade Paperback
208 Pages


A Work Life Balance Survival Guide

Find Your Flow—Increase Your Productivity—Feel Great

Whether you are striving for better work-life balance, ways to stress less, or need help getting organized and finding your flowstate, you’ve come to the right place!

Workflow and productivity tips for an organized life. Jessica (studywithjess) Holsman, author of the bestselling High School Survival Guide, has helped thousands of her fans study smarter, improve their grades, and get the most out of their high school experience. Now, in Find Your Flowstate, Jess is showing her high achievers how to thrive and succeed as college students, successfully enter the working world, and/or navigate a career shift.

A daily guide to finding your flow and increasing your productivity. In Find Your Flowstate discover a step-by-step daily process for finding your flow zone, increasing your productivity, and effectively setting up your day for success.

Potential life-changing skills in Find Your Flowstate include:

How to create a productive morning routine
Tips on finding your flow
Work life balance advice to avoid burnout and brain fog
Self-care habits including yoga poses to nourish the body
Ways to break up the work day and sustain productivity
Optimal night routines for ending your work day
Ways to prepare for the next day
Weekly reflection exercises to enter a new week with a new intention

If you have read and liked books such as Deep Work, How to Change, or Tiny Habits, you will want to read Find Your Flowstate.

Jessica Holsman

Jessica Holsman is an Australian based content creator, entrepreneur, and best-selling author. Jess is best known online for her study tips, productivity hacks, and wellbeing advice. With a passion for education and mental health, and over 26 million views on her YouTube channel 'Study With Jess', Jess continues to harness the power of social media to help her community increase their motivation and productivity, boost their mental health and create a successful life. Jess is also the founder of the educational stationery line for students; Educationery, and the author of the best-selling study skills book, The High School Survival Guide. She has formed numerous partnerships with globally renowned brands across her social media channels, including Netflix, Google, Sennheiser, ASUS and LG. Jess is also a sought-after speaker, presenting for organizations including Adobe, as well as speaking alongside CEO of VidCon, Jim Louderback. She has also been a featured speaker and moderator for V...
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