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Spoken-Word Audio 6 CDs
6 hours
7 x 63⁄4

Standing Up to One Another with Love

Transform your relationship with the tools of “full-respect living”

What does it take for couples to sustain love? How can we assert our needs in a relationship without resorting to fights or passive-aggressive conflict? Terry Real’s renowned approach is called “full-respect living” to skillfully and honestly assert your needs in a relationship, while also honoring your partner’s needs .With Fierce Intimacy, this innovative relationship expert presents a complete audio training in essential skills for resolving our differences without dominance struggles, misunderstanding, and resentment . Here he shares the Five Losing Strategies that lead to unhealthy conflict, the phases of relationship growth, and the Five Winning Strategies that help us become more connected, protected, and committed to lasting love .

Terry Real

TERRY REAL is the founder of the Relational Life Institute . He is an internationally recognized family therapist, workshop teacher, speaker, and bestselling author whose books include The New Rules of Marriage (Ballantine, 2008) .
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