Fairy Light


Tarots & Oracles

Valérie Motté

Guy Trédaniel

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104 x 143 mm

The fairy world is a wonderful, magical world. Fairies enchant our daily lives and watch over all living beings. They essentially live in nature but they also go around cities, sprinkling sparkly dust on their way, aware of the urgent need for higher vibrations in the world. They are protective beings accompanying us without ever judging us; they spread light and unconditional love throughout the Earth. When you are connected to their energy, your vibration changes and your aura brightens.

In this box set, you will discover 55 beautifully illustrated cards carrying high vibration from their illustration and symbolism. Through this oracle deck, fairies will answer your questions and add colour to your life.

Key Selling Points:

  • 55 beautifully illustrated cards + an explanatory book to discover the meaning of the cards and different reading techniques.
  • A respected author who is also an expert journalist on the topic of fairies.


Valérie Motté

Valérie Motté is gifted with an extraordinary intuition which allows her to be in tune with nature, and open to the signs and messages that life sends her. A medium since her childhood, she now accompanies those who seek answers to their questions. As a soul whisperer, she guides the wandering spirits that ask for her help towards the light. As an alternative medicine practitioner, she uses ‘natural potions’ to take care of her soul and body. Today she wants to share her knowledge with as many people as possible, through her books, lectures and creative individual and group workshops. For three decades, Valérie has been working in the media (radio, TV…) and show productions. She knows all aspects of the entertainment and media world and has built a solid network for herself. A free, independent fairy-woman, she writes articles on everything that touches and amazes her on her website (www.valeriemotte.com) where she shares messages from angels and advice from fairies. She is happy to share moments of creativity, sincerity, and spirituality, and to introduce her community to new names and artists on her blog ‘Rencontres féeriques’ and in her podcast ‘Douceur & confidences’.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger