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Jolie Dawn

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Discover Your Unique Brilliance and Dare to Be the Creatrix of Your Life

A delightfully fresh and irreverent take on living well, based not on changing you but on fully being you

What would you do if you felt confident in any room? If you woke each morning feeling a sense of peace and direction? If you had a career you loved, relationships that nurtured you, financial stability, and good health? This is not an unattainable fantasy or daydream, because, as Jolie Dawn shows and as Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz noted, you have always had the power to do and be exactly that; you just didn’t know it. It has always been right there, inside you.

As Dawn also shows, to awaken your inner power, you may have to release a little “energetic baggage” (or maybe a lot): difficult family dynamics, arguments with your partner, work woes, indeed every lousy thing that has ever happened to you or that you have done. That process, Dawn admits, “won’t necessarily be comfortable.” But, she promises and shows, “everything that you want for yourself is on the other side of your fear.”

Dawn fearlessly shares her personal stories of addiction, family trauma, internalized sexual shame, debilitating self- doubt, and fear in a way that anyone who has ever felt less than or out of control can relate to. She offers a contemporary, sometimes surprising take on things like ego, energy, sexuality, God, and manifestation in a way that will speak to diverse readers, who will discover the promise of bountiful love, contagious hope, and full mind-body-spirit fun.

Jolie Dawn is a successful self-published author and the creator of the annual Dare to Prosper Challenge, attended by women globally
Addresses every aspect of contemporary women’s racial, sexual, and economic challenges
Shows how to get beyond triggers, criticism, addiction, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt to powerful selfhood Includes practical daily tools such as affirmations, meditations, and mindset teachings for a new generation of readers
Empowers every woman to live her deepest truth with purpose, freedom, and creativity

Jolie Dawn

Jolie Dawn is the creator of the largest online women’s prosperity meditation gathering, the Dare to Prosper Challenge, and was named by Pacific magazine as one of San Diego’s top “30(ish) Under 30(ish)” entrepreneurs. An intuitive coach and writer, she currently contributes to Entrepreneur, and her self-published Empowered Women series has reached thousands. Her own journey of self-discovery and spirituality has led her to speak to thousands of other women with her message of fulfillment. When she isn’t traveling, she lives in Austin, Texas.
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