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How to Get Mentally Strong and into the Driving Seat of Your Own Life

This book is the ultimate guide to getting mentally & emotionally strong. Written in the trademark no-B.S. yet warm style that has made counsellor Julia Kristina so popular online, it will arm you with the skills to take over the steering wheel in your own life, no matter what challenges you face. Julia talks through the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that hold us back, from perfectionism and fear of failure, to anxiety, shame and guilt, to people pleasing, self-sabotage and taking things too personally. She provides easy-to-use and remarkably effective tools that she has road-tested in her coaching, counselling and own life.


Julia Kristina

Julia Kristina has a masters degree in counselling psychology. A therapist, speaker, coach and popular YouTuber, she helps smart people learn how to be more in charge of their minds and emotions. Find out more at:
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