Contemporary Embroidery



Rachael Dobbins


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Trade Paperback
256 Pages
color photographs throughout

A Book of Stitches to Unleash Creativity

Make Your Embroidery Pop with 3-D Techniques

Follow author and needlework artist Rachael Dobbins as she teaches you how to embroider flowers, portraits, and other 3-D patterns that make your art pop—literally. Using a combination of traditional and unconventional stitching and macramé techniques, Contemporary Embroidery takes traditional embroidery design to the next level while truly encouraging readers to think outside the box.

How to embroider flowers, portraits, and more—like an artist. Embroidery doesn’t have to be flat or about perfection. It can be interpretive, with innovative textures, unconventional color gradients, and movement throughout. In Contemporary Embroidery, Rachel goes back to basics in order to push the boundaries of traditional needlework. Designed to take you from beginner to intermediate artist, this inspired guide contains new techniques and twenty jaw-dropping embroidery patterns.

Textured hand embroidery made easy. An embroidery book like no other, Contemporary Embroidery makes a unique craft gift or coffee table accessory for anyone passionate about art in new mediums. In addition to beautiful patterns, you’ll discover how to start embroidery projects and how to apply the same techniques to home décor, clothing items, and much more.

Inside Contemporary Embroidery, find step by step embroidery instructions, as well as advice on:

How turn photographs or sceneries into embroidery templates How to create depth and movement
How to use color palettes to think outside the box

If you want to learn how to embroider flowers or like embroidery books with patterns, stitching books, or modern embroidery designs—such as Embroiderer’s Guild Transfers Collection, Embroidery, or Foolproof Flower Embroidery—then you’ll love Contemporary Embroidery.

Rachael Dobbins

Rachael Dobbins started the Used Threads Instagram as a creative outlet, somewhere she could document her progress and get into the swing of embroidering again, originally getting its name from gifted vintage cotton strands and threads, a collection of beautiful treasures from different eras. She stitches a range of things-from retro mid-century interiors and accessories to thread-painted landscapes and seascapes, from quirky 3D stitches that flow from the hoop to embroidered seventies- inspired clothing. Stitching from a very young age, Rachael followed in the steps of her grandmother. After going down the fine art route and teaching herself to stitch, Rachael realized that embroidery was her main passion and graduated with a BA honours in textiles and surface design. Now combining both arts, Rachael likes to think that she pushes the boundaries of embroidery, treating the thread strands like strokes of paint on a canvas.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger