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Walter von Holst

Werner Kühni

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264 pages
Richly illustrated

The Healthy Antibiotic for Humans and Animals

• Colloidal silver as a healthy antibiotic for humans and animals
• Scientific principles and recent research results
• An easy to read practical guidebook for therapists and amateurs

Colloidal silver functions like a broad-spectrum antibiotic and reliably fights viruses, bacteria and fungi, moreover it has anti-inflammatory effects, accelerates the healing of wounds and stabilizes the immune system. The world of science has recognized these effects which are put to use every day in specialized practices. This book gives the most comprehensive account ever of a widely discussed topic. In addition to scientific principles and the latest research developments it also contains hints on how to prepare, store, preserve and acquire colloidal silver. The main focus is devoted to 80 disease patterns and their treatment with colloidal silver, complemented by explanations for the treatment of sick animals with colloidal silver.

Walter von Holst

Walter von Holst born 1969, co-founder of Steinheilkunde e. V., Stuttgart. Initiator of the research project Crystal Healing, lecturer at naturopathy schools. Runs »Steinkreis«, a seminar centre and shop specializing in healing stones, crystals and health products.

Werner Kühni

Werner Kühni born 1949, alternative practitioner and psychotherapist, trained in homeopathy, mind control and hypnosis, intense studies in aroma therapy. Chairman of Steinheilkunde e. V., Stuttgart. Book author, also various exhibitions, lectures and seminars.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger