Cinderella, You Bitch



Beau Nelson

Shannon Heth


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It’s time to smash that glass slipper and find your own happily ever after!

The fairy-tale narrative is a poisoned apple of unrealistic expectations and impossible relationship goals. If you’re sick of kissing frogs in search of Prince Charming, get ready to rescue your own love life from Cinderella Syndrome! Part self-help, part history lesson, Cinderella, You Bitch is the sassy, smart, and soulful guide that shows you how to:

Identify and release your own fairy-tale expectations

Break the spell of old beliefs and patterns that hold you back from being your true self in—and out of—a relationship

Rewrite your story and find the hero within

Cultivate true love that starts with you and lasts a lifetime

Are you ready to smash your glass slipper and take control of your romantic life? Your very own version of happily ever after is waiting to be written and—spoiler alert—the hero at the end of this tale is YOU.

Beau Nelson

Beau Nelson is a multipassionate creative who has spent years studying and practicing principles of personal transformation. As an international recognized celebrity makeup artist, he has worked with the likes of Kristen Stewart, Zoë Kravitz, Christina Hendricks, and Iman. As a photographer/director, he has collaborated with legendary brands like Chanel and Dior. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

Shannon Heth

Shannon Heth is a communications strategist, storyteller, and president and founder of public relations agency Milk. Her creative work has appeared in The New York Times, Vogue, FASHION, The Washington Post, and The Globe and Mail. She lives in Vancouver, BC with her two young sons.
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Agence Schweiger