Children of Water



Children's Books

Angèle Delaunois

Gérard Frischeteau

Edition de l'Isatis

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Infos :

23 x 23 cm
32 pages

With their words and colors, children from twelve different regions of the world describe what water represents in their lives: space, ice, a dam, the ocean, rain, a lake, a river, a waterfall, a rice field, patience, the monsoon, the desert, an outstretched hand, the future of all life…

This picture book is a must! Translated in seven languages and more than 200,000 copies sold!

Angèle Delaunois

Angèle Delaunois has published a hundred books in several publishing houses in Quebec and Europe. Her books have been translated in more than six languages and she has received several prestigious awards, including the Governor General’s Award.

Gérard Frischeteau

Gérard Frischeteau is an artist of great versatility. In a falsely naive style, his illustrations are refined and are filled with little anecdotes that are not revealed at first glance. He does a lot of research to give his images the most authenticity possible.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger