Building Your Permaculture Property




Rob and Michelle Avis

Takota Coen

New Society Publisher

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May 2021

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248 pages
8" x 10"

A Five-Step Process to Design and Develop Land

The best person to design the property of your dreams is you. This book gives you the tools to succeed.

Building Your Permaculture Property offers a revolutionary holistic method to overcome overwhelm in the complex process of resilient land design. It distills the authors’ decades of experience as engineers, farmers, educators, and consultants into a five-step process complete with principles, practices, templates, and workflow tools to help you:

  • Clarify your vision, values, and resources
  • Diagnose your land and resources for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Design your land and resources to meet your vision and values
  • Implement the right design to enhance your strengths and improve your weakest resource
  • Establish benchmarks to monitor the sustainability and success of your development.

When designing a regenerative permaculture property, too many land stewards suffer from option paralysis, a lack of integrated holistic design, fruitless trial-and-error attempts, wasted money, and the frustration that results from too much information and no context.

Building Your Permaculture Property is the essential guide for everyone looking to cut through the noise and establish an ecologically regenerative, financially sustainable, enjoyable, and thriving permaculture property, anywhere in the world.

Rob and Michelle Avis

Rob Avis, p.Eng and Michelle Avis, p.Eng own and operate Adaptive Habitat, a leading edge property design irm for resilient homes, acreages, and farms and Verge Permaculture, a globally recognized award-winning education business. hey have over 20 years of combined experience in project management, ecological design, and sustainable technologies, which they share at from their suburban house and yard that they’ve transformed into a model of cold climate urban permaculture in Calgary, Alberta.

Takota Coen

Takota Coen is a permaculture educator and co-owner of Coen Farm—an award-winning 250-acre permaculture farm that produces nutrient-dense raw-milk-fed pork, grass-fed beef, pastured eggs, forest garden berries, and herbal teas. Takota is a second-generation organic farmer and holds two Permaculture Design Certificates from the Permaculture Research Institute, two Holistic Management Certificates from Holistic Management International, and a Red Seal Journeyman Certificate for Carpentry. He lives near Edmonton, Alberta.
Agence Schweiger

Agence Schweiger