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John William Patton

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Simple Health Habits for Smart People

Health is finally hip. There are gyms on every corner, bottled water in every vending machine, and protein bars in every gas station. People are checking food labels in grocery stores and calories on restaurant menus. Athletic wear has become leisure wear, and everyone seems to be on a special diet.

At the same time, disease and disabilities are eating our lunch. Crippling health statistics dominate the news, but we keep popping antacids, loosening our belts and burning the candle at both ends. John Patton recognizes that people are not dumb–they are busy. Very busy. John Patton cuts through the marketing and medical jargon of health to deliver a frank and fun conversation about rock-solid health habits that can become as brainless as brushing your teeth.

Buckle up. You are about to get healthy, without even thinking!

John William Patton

John is a dynamic public speaker who implores his audiences to make small, meaningful lifestyle changes through the paradigm of "practical practice." He presents at public health forums, leads national public service campaigns, and has designed cutting-edge health initiatives. Before becoming the executive director of the ProVention Health Foundation and serving as the director of communications for the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD), he worked for CBS, PBS and NBC. He is a published newspaper, magazine and online journalist and hosts health podcasts and webinars. John graduated from the University of Delaware and then from the National Journalism Center in Washington, DC. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with five health-minded kids and is married to a Peruvian designer who fuels his mission to transform the health of the public.
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